Gator Fabric GF8

Gator Fabric GF8

Polyspun for Garden and Landscape Coverings


Gator Fabric GF8 Polyspun has a hydrophilic treatment that allows more air and water to pass through and reach the plant. Gator Fabric GF8 is a geotextile that protects against the growth of weeds. It is specially formulated to resist deterioration due to exposure to ultraviolet light and is inert to commonly encountered soil chemicals.Gator Fabric GF8 will not rot or mildew, and is non-biodegradable.

Applications & Benefits


  • Garden and landscape covering
  • Mulch or decorative rock garden
  • Separation barrier for plantation


  • Creates a barrier that reduces weed growth
  • Allows water, fertilizer and air to pass through


GF8-03050000 Polyspun 3´ x 50´
GF8-03100000 Polyspun 3´ x 100´
GF8-04050000 Polyspun 4´ x 50´
GF8-04100000 Polyspun 4´ x 100´
GF8-06100000 Polyspun 6´ x 100´
GF8-06300000 Polyspun 6´ x 300´


Installation Step 1

Step 1

Excavate the soil in the location of the project according to best practices.

Installation Step 2

Step 2

With a rake, even out and level the soil as the underbed of your landscape installation.

* Disclaimer for GF 8

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